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OmniTier exhibiting at ASHG, Washington DC - Nov 2nd-4th, 2023

October 27th 2023

OmniTier announced that it will be exhibiting at ASHG2023 in Washington DC, between November 2nd-4th. The American Society of Human Genetics annual meeting brings together professionals of all stages in the genetics community as well as the industry organizations which support them. 

OmniTier will be providing demonstrations of its leading on-premise, genomics analysis appliances; CompStor Novos secondary analysis with built in analysis for all major short read and long read sequencers, as well as CompStor Insight variant interpretation. 

Justin Cowling, OmniTier Inc (

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OmniTier unveils the industry’s first on-premise, standalone, end-to-end genomic analysis appliance, at cost below $50 per WGS sample, at scale

April 18th 2023

Single, standalone, plug-and-play genomics appliance from long read and short read sequencers’ FASTQ data, to prioritized, causal variants report

SAN JOSE, CA. USA: OmniTier Inc, a leader in on-premise genomics analysis products, today launched the industry’s first on-premise, standalone appliance for both human genomic data analysis (secondary analysis) and biomedical data interpretation (tertiary analysis), called CompStor SpectrumTM. Benefitting from proprietary AI, acceleration technology and built-in automation,  CompStor SpectrumTM can produce high volume genomics test reports at an average cost per whole genome sequencing (WGS) analysis of less than $50 each.

OmniTier and the Centre for Genome Diagnostics (CGD) at A*STAR’s Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) will jointly develop the on-premise analytical infrastructure for A*STAR’s GIS’ lab-developed clinical NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) assays for a more affordable, efficient and secure, clinically validated analytical platform for processing clinical samples.

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NCCHD in Japan Demonstrates Improved Diagnostics Rate for Rare Disease Diagnostics using OmniTier’s CompStor® Genomic Analysis Platform

February 2nd 2023

San Jose CA, USA: February 2, 2023 –The National Center for Child Health and Development (NCCHD), Japan, and OmniTier Inc., USA, working collaboratively have demonstrated notably improved diagnostics rates for rare disease diagnostics. In a benchmark re-analysis study using its proprietary methodology and database implemented on OmniTier’s CompStor Insight variant interpretation and custom database creation platform, NCCHD achieved a diagnostics rate of approximately 42% compared to its previous rate of 35%.  This marked improvement is enabled by OmniTier’s CompStor® platform, which features a proprietary AI classifier that more accurately identifies the causal variants. It achieves this by searching over an expanded set of annotated variants derived from a larger number of standard and custom annotation databases, before applying ACMG guidelines and other ranking factors, to prepare the clinical draft report.        

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OmniTier exhibiting at ASHG2022 Los Angeles, CA USA

October 19th 2022

OmniTier announced that it will be exhibiting at ASHG2022 in Los Angeles, California USA, between October 25th-29th. The American Society of Human Genetics annual meeting brings together professionals of all stages in the genetics community as well as the industry organizations which support them. 

OmniTier will be providing demonstrations of its leading on-premise, genomics analysis appliances; CompStor Novos secondary analysis with built in analysis for all major short read and long read sequencers, as well as CompStor Insight variant interpretation. 

Justin Cowling, OmniTier Inc (


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Genomenon and OmniTier Partner to Bring Mastermind’s Evidence Sources to CompStor Insight

January 4th 2022

High Throughput, On-Premises Variant Interpretation Appliance Provides Advanced AI and Data Acceleration Technologies for Genomics Applications

Ann Arbor, Michigan – Genomenon®, Inc., an AI-driven genomics company, announced a partnership with OmniTier, which includes integration of the Mastermind® Genomic Search Engine into their on-premises based CompStor Insight® genomics analysis platform. This integration will allow CompStor® users to preview the number of published articles related to their search and easily link out to view the evidence in Mastermind.

OmniTier’s CompStor® genomics analysis platform utilizes proprietary MACS (Memory-Accelerated Compute and Storage) technologies to accelerate both secondary and tertiary analysis on standard CPU hardware without the need for GPUs or FPGAs, which are expensive and technically challenging to support. Locating secondary and tertiary analysis on-premises rather than in the cloud allows organizations to benefit from up to a 75% reduction in patient data storage costs, as well as greater control and security over their data. Additionally, OmniTier has shown that in using CompStor’s automated workflows, genomics centers can increase the number of patients that can be analyzed by 50-100X, compared with manual based analysis.

Read the release on the Genomenon website ...

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On-premise, end-to-end human genomics analysis appliances provide high throughput at lowest, per sample cost

November 9th 2021

BAY AREA, CA, USA November 9th, 2021 – OmniTier Inc. today announced the availability of its enhanced on-premise human genomics analysis appliances, CompStor Novos® and CompStor Insight®.  These deliver accelerated end-to-end workflows from targeted gene panels, WES, or WGS sequencer outputs, through sequence alignment or de novo assembly, and variant calling and variant interpretation.

CompStor Insight®, OmniTier’s variant interpretation appliance, provides built in support for high volume rare disease and trio analysis, accelerated genome wide association studies (GWAS) and superior functionality for those looking to create custom knowledge databases from 10,000s of exomes and whole genomes.

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OmniTier customers keep control and retain ownership of their genomics data

November 9th 2021

OmniTier can also help organizations monetize their data through our flexible and customizable downstream analysis platform

BAY AREA, CA, USA  – In response to requirements from some competing human genomics analysis providers to allow them certain usage rights over their customer’s data, OmniTier announces that customers using its secondary analysis and variant interpretation appliances, CompStor Novos® and CompStor Insight® keep full control and ownership of all their data.

Our customers keep ownership of their genomic data; we never ask for ownership”, said Dr Hemant Thapar, CEO OmniTier. “OmniTier’s focus is to support our customers with the fastest, lowest per-patient-cost, end-to-end genomic analysis platform for their targeted use cases.

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Mitochondrial DNA analysis is added to OmniTier’s CompStor® family of genomics secondary and tertiary analysis appliances

March 1st 2021

(SAN JOSE, CA, USA – March 1st, 2021) OmniTier announced today that its CompStor® family now supports mitochondrial analysis in both its secondary and tertiary analysis appliances.

CompStor Novos® now generates small-variant identification that is compatible with GATK’s best-practices for mitochondrial variants. Variant calling on the mitochondrial genome must overcome additional challenges that are not present in standard nuclear genome analysis. Because mitochondrial DNA is circular, standard linear analysis produces errors at the ostensible extremities of the mitochondrial sequence. CompStor Novos® handles these challenges optimally, producing accurate identification of multi-plasmic variants even at the reference extremities.

CompStor Insight™, OmniTier’s tertiary analysis appliance, has been expanded to include annotation and interpretation of known mitochondrial variants which are associated with various levels of plasmy and population frequency, according to several industry-standard databases. Exclusive mitochondrial DNA visualization technology within CompStor InsightTM gives researchers a complete summary of small-variant plasmy and population frequency at a single glance.

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OmniTier demonstrating genomics analysis at upcoming AGBT2021 general meeting, March 1-3rd

February 16th 2021

March 1-3rd, 2021 all AGBT2021 general meeting attendees are invited to visit the OmniTier exhibition stand. There you will be able to watch demonstrations of OmniTier’s genomics secondary-analysis and tertiary-analysis appliances. On-premise genomics analysis provide fast, secure results through CompStor's proprietary AI and acceleration technology, at a much lower and predictable cost than cloud based analysis and storage alternatives. A simple graphical user-interface removes the need for coding and scripting, enabling more time to be spent analyzing results rather than grappling with software coding and cloud infrastructure.

  • CompStor Novos® Delivering fast and accurate WGS and WES variant calling pipelines for both alignment and denovo assembly technologies, 
  • CompStor Insight™: Delivering fast and easy to use end-to-end annotation, filtering, multi-sample analysis and visualization. 

So visit our virtual booth, talk to our scientists and see what the future of secondary and tertiary analysis looks like! We look forward to welcoming you!

Justin Cowling, VP Sales and Marketing (

CompStor®, CompStor Novos® and CompStor Insight are registered trademarks of OmniTier Inc.

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Somatic variant calling is added to OmniTier’s CompStor Novos® genomics analysis appliance

January 19th 2021

OmniTier today announced that its genomic secondary analysis appliance, CompStor Novos®, has added somatic variant calling from matched, whole genome sequencing (WGS) tumor-normal sample pairs.

About Somatic Variant Calling

The biggest challenge of somatic variant calling is to disambiguate low-frequency variants from artifacts. To solve that challenge OmniTier implemented sensitive statistical modeling to develop a new somatic variant caller that will provide superior accuracy from low to high allele frequencies. CompStor Novos® can detect somatic mutations across the whole human genome with coverages up to 300x, reporting SNVs, indels and structural variants from NGS sequenced reads.

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OmniTier Streamlines Personalized Medicine Workflow with CompStor Insight™ for Next-Generation Sequencing Tertiary Analysis

October 27th 2020

The only tertiary analysis appliance on the market, CompStor InsightTM delivers 7x faster annotation in an easy to use solution with integrated workflows, multi-user support, needing no special IT skills

MILPITAS, CA October 27, 2020 -- OmniTier Inc., an AI and multiomics application company whose bioinformatics solutions help deliver the promise of personalized medicine, debuted the CompStor InsightTM appliance for tertiary analysis in next-generation sequencing (NGS) applications. In benchmark results, CompStor Insight enables a 7x improvement in gene annotation performance – allowing researchers to spend more time developing treatment innovations, and less time on data processing.

OmniTier made the announcement coincident with the ASHG 2020 virtual meeting, where it will showcase CompStor Insight and other members of the CompStor® genomics analysis product family.

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OmniTier demonstrating end-to-end analytics workflows at the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) 2020 Meeting, Oct 27-30, 2020

August 24th 2020

October 27th-30th, 2020 all ASHG2020 event attendees are invited to come and visit the OmniTier virtual booth, located in the K-OP hall. There you will be able to watch demonstrations of OmniTier’s secondary-analysis appliance, CompStor Novos®. Providing high-quality variant calling pipelines based on both alignment and denovo assembly technologies, CompStor Novos® is a simple to run, high-throughput, secondary-analysis genome appliance.

ASHG2020 will also be the event for the global launch of OmniTier’s new, integrated tertiary analysis solution.

So visit our virtual booth, talk to our scientists and see what the future of secondary and tertiary analysis looks like! We look forward to welcoming you!

Justin Cowling, VP Sales and Marketing (

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OmniTier joins Genomics England Discovery Forum to drive down cost of genome analysis

August 19th 2020

MILPITAS, Calif)--OmniTier Inc., an Edge computing acceleration company focused on providing high-throughput genome analysis solutions, announced it has joined join Genomics England’s Discovery Forum industry partnership as an Associate Member. 

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OmniTier Debuts CompStor Novos Platform for De Novo Assembly-based Variant Calling

December 5th 2018

December 05, 2018 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

MILPITAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--OmniTier Inc., an acceleration company enabling faster time-to-inference bioinformatics solutions, debuted the CompStor Novos™ platform for de novo assembly-based variant calling in whole genome sequencing (WGS) applications. CompStor Novos® enables breakthrough runtimes of between 2-6 hours per genome depending upon the number of servers in the cluster - enabling 10 times higher throughput on standard coverage genomes and lowering the per genome assembly costs by over 70% compared to alternative de novo pipelines.

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OmniTier’s CompStor Brings De Novo Analytics to Genomics Researchers in joint study

August 14th 2018

MILPITAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--OmniTier Inc., an application-specific, high performance solutions company, announced that in a joint study with researchers at the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Individualized Medicine, the company successfully demonstrated human DNA variant calling using de novo global assembly techniques with breakthrough performance and cost. Using the well-characterized NA12878 short-read sequenced genome dataset, the CompStor™ compute cluster completed variant-caller-ready assembly of a 50x coverage genome in less than two hours. The solution scales to 800x sequence coverage, a dataset size previously considered too large for de novo techniques but necessary to reliably identify new and infrequent variants.

GENOME WEB - OmniTier Touts speed, Cost of De Novo Assembly Product Ahead of Q4 Launch

August 14th 2018

Uduak Grace Thomas
NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – OmniTier, a developer of application-specific, high-performance data products, has shared some results from a joint study done with researchers at the Mayo Clinic's Center for Individualized Medicine demonstrating the efficacy of the company's solution for generating variant callerready d e n o vo genome assemblies quickly and at low cost.
OmniTier is currently beta testing the so-called CompStor compute cluster solution ahead of a full product launch planned for the fourth quarter of this year. According to the company, CompStor offers comparable performance to standard alignment-based approaches and uses standard low-cost servers, which should make it an affordable option for customers with limited budgets. When the product launches, OmniTier intends to offer CompStor as an appliance that can be installed locally at customer sites. However, the company will also offer its software on the cloud for customers who prefer that option.

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OmniTier’s Breakthrough CompStor Genome Assembly Software Stack Available Now

December 12th 2017

MILPITAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--OmniTier Inc., an application acceleration company, announces the availability of its flagship scientific computing product, CompStor® Assembly, for de novo DNA assembly and reference alignment. Designed for short read next-generation sequencing (NGS) data, CompStor Assembly delivers dramatically reduced assembly times and improved assembly quality on low-cost hardware compared to currently available assemblers. Using CompStor® Assembly and eight CompStor Assembly server nodes, de novo assembly of human genome is achieved in about eight minutes. This performance equals the assembly time previously achieved with the NERSC’s Cray XC30 advanced supercomputer, using 15,360 processor cores and DRAM-based algorithm implementations. By contrast, CompStor Assembly nodes are standard servers based on low-cost x86 Intel processors and tiered DRAM and NVMe SSDs.

Intel and OmniTier will present a novel use of Intel’s Optane™ technology paired with OmniTier’s MACS product

March 20th 2017

OmniTier personnel continue their extended road show with a joint demonstration with Intel at the IBM Interconnect trade show in Las Vegas ( ). Intel and OmniTier will present a novel use of Intel’s Optane™ technology paired with OmniTier’s MACS product, achieving DRAM-standard throughput at latency for in-memory applications at a fraction of the cost.

OmniTier Partners with Intel at Analyst and Press Workshop in Folsom, CA

March 13th 2017

OmniTier is pleased to partner with Intel at this week’s Intel Analyst and Press Workshop in Folsom, CA, showcasing the rollout of Intel’s Optane™ storage-class memory technology. OmniTier CEO Hemant Thapar presented a keynote address on the use of in-memory caching solutions employing Optane™ technology, paired with OmniTier’s MACS product to provide high-performance and cost-effective solutions for cloud-based computing. Senior VP Suneel Indupuru, Ameen Aslam, and Thiago Croce were on hand to present real time demonstrations of the joint technology.

OmniTier Releases MACS – A Memcached Software Stack Supporting Tiered NVMe SSD Memory

October 5th 2016

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--OmniTier Inc., a cloud solutions company, announces the availability of its flagship software stack, Memory Accelerated Compute and Storage (MACS). Designed for a tiered memory architecture utilizing NVMe SSDs and small amounts of DRAM, MACS is capable of exceeding 7 million cache requests per second and supporting up to 4 terabytes cache capacity per server node at a fraction of the cost of today’s DRAM-only solutions. MACS is fully Memcached compliant and can be integrated into existing cache clusters seamlessly, requiring no changes to the existing application (client) libraries.

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