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OmniTier’s MemStac Paired with Intel Optane™ Storage-Class Memory Technology Makes a Great Combination!

OmniTier was pleased to partner with Intel during March’s Intel Analyst and Press Workshop in Folsom, CA, and at the 2017 IBM Interconnect tradeshow in Las Vegas, to showcase the rollout of MemStac with Intel’s Optane™ storage-class memory technology.

Who Are We?

OmniTier is a band of experienced storage professionals, dedicated to transform the in-memory processing market with high-performance, cost-effective solutions.  OmniTier recently announced its flagship product MemStac, an SSD-based drop-in replacement to the industry standard Memcached caching system.   MemStac achieves DRAM-class performance at a fraction of the DRAM-based solution cost.

  • DRAM-like performance

  • 10:1 DRAM reduction

  • Denser cache cluster

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Typical configurations of a MemStac server exhibit a 10:1 NVMe SSD to DRAM capacity ratio, yet perform the same as a DRAM-based solution!
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