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Why choose OmniTier for my genomics analysis?

  • Sharper diagnostic precision. Higher quality proprietary, as well as standard Broad Institute (GATK) variant calling; finds more true-positives and returns fewer false-positive variants.
  • Reduces days of secondary analysis and variant interpretation into minutes through automation and AI technology.
  • On-premise analysis appliances provide greater control over patient data, and large data storage cost savings.
  • Built to scale, from analyzing a few exomes up to thousands of whole genomes. Your OmniTier infrastructure can scale as your analytics volumes grow.
  • End-to-end, easy to use, built-in analysis workflows. Designed for researchers, clinicians and bioinformaticians, rather than IT and software specialists.
  • Supports Illumina, BGI and PacBio sequencing.
Analysis tools that all researchers, clinicians and bioinformaticians can agree on.

OmniTier Genomic Analysis Appliances*


* For research purposes only

Designed to meet the needs of…

pill-bottle Pharmaceutical
med-plus Clinical Diagnosis
layers Sequencing Services Providers
reading Academic Researchers
building Government and Public Studies
helix Genomics Data Providers

News & Updates

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OmniTier customers keep control and retain ownership of their genomics data

(BAY AREA, CA, USA November 9th, 2021) In response to requirements from some competing human genomics analysis providers to allow them certain usage rights over the customer’s data, OmniTier announces that customers using its secondary analysis and variant interpretation appliances, CompStor Novos® and CompStor Insight® keep full control and ownership of all their data.

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On-premise, end-to-end human genomics analysis appliances provide high throughput at lowest, per sample cost

(Bay Area CA, USA: Nov 9th, 2021) OmniTier Inc. today announced the availability of its enhanced on-premise human genomics analysis appliances, CompStor Novos® and CompStor Insight®.

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Mitochondrial DNA analysis is added to OmniTier’s CompStor® family of genomics secondary and tertiary analysis appliances

(SAN JOSE, CA, USA – March 1st, 2021) OmniTier announced today that its CompStor® family now supports mitochondrial analysis in both its secondary and tertiary analysis appliances. Accurate identification of the mitochondrial genome are key requirements for researchers and clinicians seeking to improve their understanding of mitochondrial dysfunction.

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