Memory-Centric, High Performance Computing Solutions for the Life Sciences

Genome bioinformatics and big data analytics achieve new insights & faster run-times using solutions built around flash memory.

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OmniTier Inc. develops solutions for bioinformatics, scientific computing, and web services. Our customized solutions take full advantage of new flash memory resources (tiers) which expand computational storage. Run times are dramatically reduced while new insight is gained from big data.

Handle bigger datasets achieving higher accuracy in your genome sequencing, AI training, and analytics applications

Speed up time-to-actionable results in genome sequencing; AI pipelines; response times in web services and NoSQL data base query applications

Reduce infrastructure costs for your applications

OmniTier’s technology and solutions enable all three needs for big and fast data applications: higher accuracy, reduced latency, and lower costs.

We provide solutions for


De novo whole genome sequencing assembly and variant calling

Scientific Analysis Library

Big data matrix tools for AI, machine learning, and statistical inference

Web Services/Edge Computing

Caching solutions to place application data close to compute nodes

Our Products:

Our product lines are CompStortm for bioinformatics and scientific analysis applications, and MemStactm for web services and edge computing applications.


CompStor is a product family of accelerated Bioinformatic Algorithms and Analytics Tools (AI, machine learning, matrixes, and graphs). It is provided as a server cluster in either 2 or 4 node configurations with optimized data ingress and egress. CompStor brings Computation to Storage. CompStor Novos is a de novo DNA sequence assembler, providing enhanced variant characterization in high coverage sequencing data.

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Caching solutions drive performance in web services and edge data analysis. DRAM based solutions are expensive and lack storage capacity for performance gains. MemStac delivers an optimized DRAM/NVMe-SSD solution with performance gains and cost savings from day 1.

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Customized memory-centric solutions enables whole genome sequencing and high performance caching solutions