Who we are...

We are solving genomics analysis challenges differently – not by throwing huge cloud and compute resources at the problem, but implementing easy to use, on-premise, memory leveraged systems and software to deliver greater genomic insights, quicker and cheaper.

We knew when we started OmniTier that solving the greatest computations problems takes the best people. So we searched out the top artificial intelligence, data analysis, computer, software and bioinformatician folks and had them work on developing new data analysis technologies that could be applied to genetics and precision analysis... Out of this was born OmniTier.


Where everyone benefits from accessible, real-time multiomic analysis, to improve the quality and longevity of their life. 

The OmniTier Philosophy

Breakthrough innovations can be most often found where novel hardware, software and algorithms come together.

The OmniTier Promise

OmniTier’s quality, cost, performance, and customer service will be second to none in the marketplace.

Our Partners and Investors