OmniTier customers keep control and retain ownership of their genomics data

November 9th 2021

OmniTier can also help organizations monetize their data through our flexible and customizable downstream analysis platform

BAY AREA, CA, USA  – In response to requirements from some competing human genomics analysis providers to allow them certain usage rights over their customer’s data, OmniTier announces that customers using its secondary analysis and variant interpretation appliances, CompStor Novos® and CompStor Insight® keep full control and ownership of all their data.

Our customers keep ownership of their genomic data; we never ask for ownership”, said Dr Hemant Thapar, CEO OmniTier. “OmniTier’s focus is to support our customers with the fastest, lowest per-patient-cost, end-to-end genomic analysis platform for their targeted use cases.

In related news OmniTier announced significant enhancements to its on-premise, human genomics analysis appliances, CompStor Novos® and CompStor Insight®.  These deliver an accelerated end-to-end workflow from targeted gene panel, WES or WGS sequencer output, through genome reconstruction, variant calling and variant interpretation.

Free evaluations of both CompStor Novos® and CompStor Insight® are available. Please contact OmniTier for more information.

About OmniTier Inc.
OmniTier develops advanced AI and data acceleration technologies, along with proprietary genomics analysis algorithms and workflows. These are incorporated into the company’s high capacity, genomics analysis appliances and solutions for clinical and academic research, population studies, pharmaceutical, and consumer genomics applications. Founded in February 2015, the company is headquartered in the Bay Area, CA.

CompStor®, CompStor Novos® and CompStor Insight® are registered trademarks of OmniTier, Inc.

CompStor Novos® and CompStor Insight® are for research purposes only.


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