Genomic Analysis
Standalone Appliance Products

Low cost, fast and secure solutions
for analysis volumes from:

300 – 50,000 whole exomes per year
100 – 10,000 whole genomes per year

CompStor® Analysis Platform

genomics appliance

Standalone appliance, for installations in:

  • On-Premise data centers
  • Private Cloud data centers, HPCs

Increased data security; maximal privacy

Much lower cost than cloud-based analysis and storage

Very reliable access and fast turnaround

Scales up as analysis volumes increase

Secondary Analysis

secondary analysis

The ONLY accelerated secondary analysis solution you will need.

  • Short read (NGS) and long read sequencer pipelines (Illumina, MGI, ONT and PacBio). Calls with very high accuracy SNPs, indels, structural variants, CNVs, mitochondrial variants.
  • Somatic, Germline pipelines
  • Panels, Whole Exome (WES), Whole Genome (WGS)
  • GRCh37 and GRCh38 references
  • Two variant callers; Broad Institute GATK and OmniTier’s proprietary Novos variant caller

The leading variant interpretation solution

  • Causal variant selection on target panels, WES and WGS sequencing
  • Fast, automated analysis. Example: WGS vcf file to clinical report in only 7 minutes.
  • Single, trio and family rare-disease analysis
  • Annotates using over 30 knowledge databases
  • Run large cohort, GWAS analysis containing up to 20,000 individual samples
  • Create and apply custom knowledge databases
  • Target panel analysis from WES and WGS sequencing

Tertiary Analysis

Variant Interpretation

tertiary analysis

CompStor Spectrum

Complete end-to-end, secondary and tertiary analysis, integrated standalone appliance

genomics appliance

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CompStor Novos®

Secondary analysis standalone appliance

genomics appliance

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CompStor Insight®

Tertiary analysis, variant interpretation standalone appliance

genomics appliance

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