Somatic variant calling is added to OmniTier’s CompStor Novos® genomics analysis appliance

January 19th 2021

Somatic variant calling is added to OmniTier’s CompStor Novos® genomics analysis appliance


(SAN JOSE, CA, USA – January 19th, 2021) OmniTier today announced that its genomic secondary analysis appliance, CompStor Novos®, has added somatic variant calling from matched, whole genome sequencing (WGS) tumor-normal sample pairs.

About Somatic Variant Calling

The biggest challenge of somatic variant calling is to disambiguate low-frequency variants from artifacts. To solve that challenge OmniTier implemented sensitive statistical modeling to develop a new somatic variant caller that will provide superior accuracy from low to high allele frequencies. CompStor Novos® can detect somatic mutations across the whole human genome with coverages up to 300x, reporting SNVs, indels and structural variants from NGS sequenced reads.


About CompStor Novos®

CompStor Novos® is a high throughput, low cost, easy to use, secondary analysis appliance, supporting Illumina, PacBio and BGI sequencers. Delivering end-to-end, WGS and WES secondary analysis pipelines, CompStor Novos® includes both alignment and de novo assembly for genome identification. A GATK Mutect2 variant caller from the Broad Institute, and OmniTier’s proprietary, higher accuracy variant caller are also included, providing a choice of caller outputs.

CompStor Novos® is designed to be used as an on-premise appliance, or located in the Cloud or at the Edge to deliver secondary analysis services. By locating the CompStor Novos® appliance on the same network as their sequencer, institutions can benefit from dramatic annual storage costs savings compared to cloud analysis services, whilst speeding up secondary analysis and throughput. For analyzing very large numbers of genomes quickly, CompStor Novos® automatically allocates processing across two or more CompStor Novos® appliances.


Somatic variant calling is included at no additional charge to new CompStor Novos® customers, and for those customers on support and maintenance.

For a limited time OmniTier is offering a free trial to demonstrate CompStor Novos® variant output results. Please contact us for more information.

About OmniTier

OmniTier develops AI and multiomics appliances and software for bioinformaticians and clinical researchers, that deliver affordable analysis solutions. Its integrated appliance solutions accelerate data-intensive genomic workflows and analysis, utilizing machine learning and AI. Founded in February 2015, the company has R&D operations in Milpitas, CA and Rochester, MN.

CompStor Novos® is for research purposes only. CompStor Novos® is a registered trademark of OmniTier, Inc.


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