OmniTier Streamlines Personalized Medicine Workflow with CompStor Insight™ for Next-Generation Sequencing Tertiary Analysis

October 27th 2020

The only tertiary analysis appliance on the market, CompStor InsightTM delivers 7x faster annotation in an easy to use solution with integrated workflows, multi-user support, needing no special IT skills

MILPITAS, CA October 27, 2020 -- OmniTier Inc., an AI and multiomics application company whose bioinformatics solutions help deliver the promise of personalized medicine, debuted the CompStor InsightTM appliance for tertiary analysis in next-generation sequencing (NGS) applications. In benchmark results, CompStor Insight enables a 7x improvement in gene annotation performance – allowing researchers to spend more time developing treatment innovations, and less time on data processing.

OmniTier made the announcement coincident with the ASHG 2020 virtual meeting, where it will showcase CompStor Insight and other members of the CompStor® genomics analysis product family.

“Our researchers are very busy because we need to analyze and interpret complex variants of many patients,” said Kazuhiro Nitta, lecturer at Juntendo University’s Graduate School of Medicine in Tokyo, and part of the Intractable Disease Research Center. He collaborated with OmniTier on CompStor Insight product development. “It was an enjoyable experience to work with the innovative team at OmniTier. With the level of automation and sophisticated filtering that is supported by CompStor Insight, we estimate we could reduce the amount of time for downstream analysis of multi-genomic data sets dramatically.”

Personalized medicine initiatives have put the spotlight on tertiary analysis as the most complex step in NGS, where scientists seeking better treatments for cancer or rare diseases investigate variants identified during secondary analysis. Competing open source solutions and internally developed applications in use today for tertiary analysis often exhibit low level of functional automation and require long data ingress-compute-egress cycles delay time to actionable data that does not scale with more server nodes.

CompStor Insight is the first tertiary analysis appliance on the market and enables faster time to results, and low per-subject cost. With an easy set up and straightforward Web browser interface, it provides push-button workflows for annotation, filtering, visualization and querying variant data. Utilizing OmniTier’s proprietary MemStac™ tiered memory technology, CompStor Insight can process up to several thousand genome datasets at speed, enabling faster and more accurate interpretation of data in genome-wide-association studies (GWAS) and rare disease analysis. Because CompStor Insight is designed to interface to a wide range of standard and custom knowledge databases including ClinVar and gnomAD, teams have access to a wide set of reference data at their fingertips. Being a stand-alone appliance, CompStor Insight can store subject data locally in on-premise storage, or leverage cloud storage options.

In testing, CompStor Insight delivered a 7x reduction in run time to annotate typical WGS data, compared to Ensembl VEP. For NGS service businesses, where time is money, CompStor accelerates the annotation and filtering functions dramatically, providing an opportunity to grow their revenue and profit easily.

When used with OmniTier’s secondary analysis appliance, CompStor Novos®, organizations benefit from an end-to-end analytics solution, from sequencer output, advanced variant calling, and fast annotation, to state-of-the-art multisubject tertiary analysis. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies can take advantage of CompStor Insight’s intuitive GWAS workflows to identify biomarkers for drug development and develop subject selection strategies.

“As the cost of gene sequencing decreases, many organizations are looking for faster, easier ways to learn from each patient’s data, and convert data to knowledge,” said Christi Bird, principal consultant and fellow in Frost & Sullivan's Transformational Health Growth consulting team. “OmniTier is addressing a key growth market as the bioinformatics industry works to enable the mass adoption of genomic medicine.”

“Researchers are straining to meet the explosive demand for personalized medicine with analytics that burden them with complexity and delays that impede the ability to turn data into knowledge and then treatments,” said Hemant Thapar, CEO and founder of OmniTier. “CompStor Insight is enabling the low per subject cost and faster turnaround time to actionable data that is critical to delivering better treatments for hundreds of diseases and genetic conditions.”

CompStor Insight appliances will start shipping to pharmaceutical and research organizations in December 2020. For more information or to request pricing please visit

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