CompStor Novos®

Secondary Analysis Appliance

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CompStor Novos®

CompStor Novos® is a high-throughput secondary analysis appliance offering highest accuracy, fast turnaround, and lowest cost per analysis.



CompStor Novos®

Built-in support for the following analysis workflows:

  • Somatic, Germline
  • Whole Genome (WGS), Whole Exome (WES)
  • GRCh37 and GRCh38 references
  • Illumina, MGI, ONT and PacBio sequence support
  • Two variant callers; GATK and proprietary Novos variant caller

Compstor Novos® Benefits

Accelerated, high accuracy, high throughput, on-premise genomics analysis appliance that can be scaled up over time to meet workload demands.

Flexibility to select from either a pure GATK variant output, or a higher accuracy output from OmniTier’s own Novos variant caller.

A single platform supporting major short-read NGS and long-read sequencer vendors. No need to onboard another secondary analysis tool when new sequencer types are introduced.

Fully integrated pipeline appliance that is quick and easy to set up and run, with a simple user interface. From unpacking the box to NGS or long read sequencing in less than an hour.

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