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Genomic Tertiary Analysis Appliance

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CompStor Insight®: Data Handling
See how CompStor Insight® easily imports and manages multiple patient variant (.vcf) datasets. Standard and custom metadata fields allow for easy sorting, filtering, grouping and selecting of patient data to analyze.
CompStor Insight®: Genomic Visualizations
See how CompStor Insight® allows users to identify genes, genomic pathways and diseases associated with variants in selected patient datasets. Various graphical plots allow users to rank genetic mutations across genes, and a wide range of filters can be selected and modified to quickly identify specific data of interest.
CompStor Insight®: Integrated Multi Genome Viewer
See how CompStor Insight® allows multiple .vcf and associated .bam files to be inspected in parallel. The integrated gene viewer allows the user to easily and quickly search across the genes and find a gene or specific variants within the genome.
CompStor Insight®: Manhattan Plot
See how the GWAS analysis package built into CompStor Insight® allows Manhattan Plots to be easily generated to show SNPs with high statistical correlation to a test group, relative to a control group. Key information about each SNP is intuitively displayed for the user.
CompStor Insight® - Tertiary Analysis Introduction
See how OmniTier’s CompStor Insight® tertiary analysis appliance provides simple to set up and easy to use annotation, filtering, analysis and visualization of 10’000’s datasets, providing the fastest time to results. CompStor Insight® comes with built in workflows for GWAS, Trio and Somatic analysis and supports custom database and profile creation.
CompStor Insight®: Trio Analysis
See how CompStor Insight® supports multi sample analysis of family patient data through its built in Trio analysis workflow. Standard and custom filters including allele frequency and functional impact can be easily applied. Advanced analytic functions such as multi inheritance mode are also supported.

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Product Brief - CompStor Insight®

Overview of CompStor Insight®, a fast, easy to set up and use genomic tertiary analysis appliance, that can analyze 10'000's patient datasets