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OmniTier offers its cluster-based software stack, MemStac, that enables the use of NVMe SSDs in a key-value storage system.  It operates with a small fraction of the data resident in DRAM.  A single MemStac system is capable of 7 million cache requests per second and supports up to 8 terabyte cache capacity per server node at a fraction of the cost of today’s DRAM-only solutions.  MemStac is fully Memcached compliant and can be integrated into existing cache clusters seamlessly, requiring no changes to the existing application libraries.

MemStac on AWS

MemStac is being offered through AWS marketplace to accelerate cloud deployments. MemStac can be launched on EC2 i3.4xlarge, i3.8xlarge instances to obtain Memcached compatible capacities of 3800GB and 7600GB per instance, respectively.  Any standard Memcached client can then be used to interact with the cache.  No application level or client library level changes are needed to interface with MemStac.  MemStac on i3 instances can enable up to 30x higher cache capacity per instance compared to memory optimized AWS r4 instances.

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